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Author Of The Month November 2010
Stephen Cheek                                              Mississippi Author
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Cane and Able pulls the reader deeper into the story
every page turned."- Boswell Media

"Cheek's novel Cane and Able made me laugh, made
me cry, made me laugh more. I did not want  the book
to    end."                                 

"Incredibly written book!"

Star Herald News
Cane and Able, by Southern writer
Stephen Cheek captures the era of
the late 1950's in Mississippi. He
explores a time when to be black
was to be "colored" and to be white
was supreme, a time when the color
of a person's skin could mean the
difference between life and death,
wrongness and fairness, or poverty
and wealth. Cheek's book shares
the story of how for one family in
rural Mississippi the color of a man's
skin didn't matter. In his 396-page
novel, he depicts the true love and
devotion that existed between many
white and black families in a time
that was particularly difficult. Cheek
narrates his story through a farmer's
twelve-year-old son named Justin

"All my children grew up with this story"
  Stephen Cheek
A defiant gangster from rural
Mississippi is sentenced to prison. His
twin brother maneuvers their small time
business into a sophisticated drug
trafficking operation. After his release
from prison, they reunite. Trouble
begins when they are ordered by a
cartel supplier to stow a planeload of
drugs for short-term storage. On the
night of the drop, the perplexity of
events upturns. The plane crashes.
The FBI is not far behind. Meanwhile,
two more brothers are about to take a
5-hour hunting trip, a once in a lifetime
adventure down the Lobucha river, a
swamp with a reputation of its own.
The brothers, a young black boy and a
squirrel dog named Spot push-off on a
floating trip that almost cost
s them
their lives.
Catfish Cowboy & Mr. Turtle
Cane and Able
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